News (#0, #0.1 & #0.2)

[#0.2: Sun., Jan. 8th, 2012:]

I’ve given it a lot of thought over the past few months and the most prominent thought is to stop accepting submissions for MP. So, that’s what I’ve decided to do.

Mostly out of apathy and a hectic schedule in university is the cause of my decision. Further, I’ll likely be attending graduate school in the Fall and doubt anything else will be able to contend with that.

Submission quantity is mostly irrelevant, but it also is a factor as MP has been receiving low submission numbers since last Fall compared to a larger amount that it used to. The literary world is not a contest, but, when there are largely no submissions coming in, then a journal can’t operate functionally.

I never received a ‘perfect submission,’ material I set out to publish. This I’m happy about. I was able to read scores of material and editing this journal helped me experience another side of the literary world I had almost no experience in. I set out to learn from this experience editing and operating MP. I have and I thank everyone for the experience, even if I have declined your work.

As always and forever, the writer and reader are MP’s main concern (even into cold, eternal internet un-use) and all work previously published is viewable by accessing the main page or scrolling down to the archives.

I wish everyone the best in all things present and future,


[#0.1: Mon., June 11th, 2012]

I think about this place on occasion, but mostly about the writing still out there. The writing is still out there. If you are a writer, I hope you’re still writing, working and doing. While the larger establishments of literature praise themselves for their writing and all that, they still reach so little beyond the constants of literature, the favored tastes, etc. I hope as writers and readers that you still are searching out, are still hungry for something more. Literature is automatically non-mainstream in the present. But, let us not kid ourselves: there is still heaps and mounds of shit out there. So, if it smells, listen to your conscience because it’s probably telling you something–this goes for everything, too.



[#0.2: Tue., Jan. 8th, 2013]

I fixed all the URL slip-ups. Apologies for the place sending you somewhere else. I doubt anyone comes here, but, if you do, the place is fixed. This is the last update, and a year to the day MP closed. I haven’t checked the email for over a year; bitter sweet.

See you out there, people,