Month: September, 2011

“Proving My Existence,” Robert Laughlin

I’m eager to condemn
the faults I find in them.
René would say:
I kvetch, therefore I am.

“Daddy’s Done,” B.D. Fischer

     “Daddy tole me there warn’t no such thing as race mixin’.”
      “Well, if your granddad”–the little girl had meant granddad–“said that, I think that what he meant is that he, personally, doesn’t like, or approve of, miscegenation, but in our family …”
      “What’s mixing the nation?”
      “It’s ‘miscegenation,’ sweetie. All one word. Mis-ce-ge-nation. Sound it out.”
      “But what is it?”
      “Miscegenation? Miscegenation is … well, it’s race mixing, but in our family we don’t say race mixing, we say …”
      “Why not?”
      “Well, sweetie, because, adults, polite people …” Click here to finish B.D.’s story.