Month: August, 2011

“Wild horses,” Tyler Bigney

     When my mother ruffled my hair, mellifluously whispered that I was special, she might have been onto something. I could spot a sliver of a blue sky in a thunderstorm. I had my head so far up in the clouds, I could taste the sugary palatableness of a rain cloud, discern the difference between a cirrus, an alto—a stratus.
     I couldn’t even tell you what they looked like now. I keep my head down, always making sure my feet are planted firmly on the earth. One foot in front of the other. My ear pressed to the dirt, listening for the distant wallop of the hooves of wild horses. For the pulsating wings of the white crow.
     I wish now I had learned to play the saxophone. Wish I learned how to pull off a clever card trick. Or magic, to impress my seventh grade crush. I want to fix what is broken. To levitate, to be buoyant, to defy gravity. To be the apple, that instead of plummeting, floated up, up, up, and away.

“Late Night Elegy,” Les Bernstein

somewhere along the way
life passed into sameness
boundaries meandered and pooled

the link was broken
between spirit and matter
flesh and reveries

illuminated by insight
the geometry of us
wide awakened

our small world
phased out of orbit
and a larger universe
trumpeted forth

“aNd,” Sarah Ahm

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One Year

Last week MP turned a year old. I would like to thank all who have taken part w/ the journey so far: readers and writers alike. Each and everyone of you have made this endeavor worth the trip. I do not believe in Terrible Twos. Here’s to another year of MP, friends.


“Salutations of Remembrance,” Christina Murphy

the blue of a hotsweet summer
searing the land into fractures
gouging the fault lines of memory

somewhere between loss and joy
the night speaks in the language of stones
structuring mosaics of broken sorrows

within an hourglass of possibilities
the illusion of horizons
makes us need the sky

“Koreshan,” Ward Abel

Estero, Florida

Today I went to the new
Jerusalem. Blackwater
cuts through a holy heart
the haunt of bugs.
O Estuary, the place of storms
chooses you. Sometimes the roads
flood. Sometimes it rains for days.
Epiphanies received in such
sepia green holes
must be of a type that shake a man’s
immediacy to its core.
Who can argue that we are not
the center of a universe?
Who can deny the shape
of the sky?
There is a mathematics
of speaking gently between the stars.
And down here beside the Estero River
a small band composed with horns,
winds, drums, a piano. A black and white
picture of its members is nailed
beside the handle of a door
to an abandoned Eden
in nighttime by now.

“Bipolar Menopause,” Meg Tuite

     Lately, I’ve been strapped into this chokehold ride of blunt, cataleptic stalemate, like that time I was stuck inside The Egg, upside down at a carnival, with bloodless knuckles clutching the bar for twenty minutes, gritting my teeth, preparing to wallop the dolt below who operated this rickety cage, if I survived this chess game with death and got out and stood with my goddamned numbed feet on solid ground again. Click here to finish Meg’s story.

“Dusk,” Gregory Luce

The scent of rainwater
lingers as clouds slowly
disperse and a huge
three-quarter moon rests
against a deepening
blue sky. A few porch lights
anticipate the night but I still
have time to scoop a jar
of brown water from a puddle
on the sidewalk to take home
and hope to find tadpoles
and wonder again if they
could have fallen with the rain.

Clouds almost gone the sky
stretches out beyond the edges
of town and I’m thankful
the moon is anchored there
holding me in place.


Bless the suicides
who live short lives
of appalling cold.

And bless me.
I drink heavily enough
to be a poet.

Words yell and sigh
like wild boys of twelve

racing on ten-speeds
into the vast,

monotonous sunlight
bordered by green.

Back from the country of the dead
with a chest-length rabbinical beard

and purplish bruises
where the eyes should be.

“$1.99,” Larry O. Dean

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